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YOURS is a 24-hour space rental studio with a high level of privacy for only one user at a time, absolutely avoiding contact with strangers,The venue adopts L-shaped floor glass, the landscape is located towards Lion Hill, and the decoration adopts Korean design with external toilets to change clothes. It is 5 minutes' walk from Diamond Hill subway station

In addition to venue rental, we also have group timing equipment courses. We offer 2 - and 3-person group classes respectively to ensure that every student can get guidance from the instructor

About Pilates

Pilates is for everyone whatever your age, body shape or level of fitness. Pilates can help you move more freely and efficiently in everything you do, from other sport's training to your everyday life activities. Pilates can also help to prevent injury by working on a better alignment, posture and consequently use of your body.

The Pilates method focuses on building core strength and stability while improving range of movement. Often referred to as an intelligent form of exercise requiring concentration and focus, Pilates considers the body as a whole where the breath, mind and body are related. So be prepared to be challenged and work muscles you never knew you had


  1. Improves Flexibility, strength & muscle tone

  2. Creates an evenly conditioned body

  3. Develops Core strength

  4. Recovery from injury/surgery

  5. Improves sports performance & prevents injury

  6. Supports pre-post natal care

  7. Improves posture & strengthens the spine

  8. Reduces everyday pain & fatigue

  9. Alleviates back pain &migraine

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